How Travelling Can Benefit Turtles and Disadvantaged Communities

In our more conscious than ever world, don’t let your travels let you down. There are ways that you can travel more mindfully. In other words, low-impact, ethical vacations. Several studies have revealed that attitudes toward sustainability are changing dramatically, worldwide. More people are conscious of their purchases and often look for environmentally-friendly alternatives. However, …

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Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope

There are some people who have entered into our Fire Island family, whose stories spark hope and inspiration. One such person is the pilot who flies the Beach 18, bringing our guests to Machangulo, Kruger and Pebane.Petro Vermeulen began her piloting career in 1996, and despite a scare when she was in a small aircraft …

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Ilha do Fogo A work in Progress Part Two

Fire Island – A Work in Progress – Part Two

It has been several months since our last island development update and we have made considerable progress with the project. We have changed tack a little with the accommodation build, and are delighted with the current style of units that we are erecting within the island’s natural forest. We have also moved away from the English translation of the island’s name and now favour using its Portuguese name, Ilha do Fogo.