How to be a Savvy Sustainable Packer on Your Next Vacation

Packing with purpose can really help the environment. It can even help your pocket. Being considerate of what you pack, and how you pack, is the first step to becoming a more eco-conscious traveller.

Here are our top tips for environmentally-friendly packing on your next break.

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Why You Should Visit South Africa in 2023

South Africa has long been featured across the most credible travel publications as being one of the best destinations. The likes of Condé Nast, Forbes, Airbnb and CNN have listed the country and/or its cities as must-visits.

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Nine Reasons Why Your Physical and Mental Health Need a Vacation

Think back to a time when you’ve let yourself completely switch off from work. You feel far more relaxed and removed from the pressure of workloads. Taking some time to unplug, unwind, and mentally disengage from your job is essential to your well-being. Many employees show improved stress levels over a month after returning from a break away from work.

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