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Sani Pass, Lesotho

Sani Pass Tours


As the most established tour operator of the Kwa-Sani district, Lesotho, as well as the treacherous pass into Lesotho, Sani Pass Tours offers a variety of Lesotho tours. The day trip up Sani Pass is the most popular by far. The vehicles are all kept in top-notch condition, and extreme measures are taken to ensure the comfort of our guests, as the road up the pass can be rather bumpy at times. Join us on our 4×4 Sani Pass and Lesotho Tours.

Terms & Conditions


Tour Guide Policy: Day Tours: If space allows with groups, the Tour Guide will travel for free or with groups of 10 or more people. Overland Itineraries: The Tour Guide may be charged 50 to 80 percent of tour price dependant on itinerary and number of guests.


Child Policy: Children of all ages are welcome, but the following applies: Overnight or overland Lesotho Tours: Children of all ages are charged the full adult rate. Sani Pass Day Tours: Children 2 years and under sit on their parents lap and do not pay, but should they take up a seat, they will pay the child rate. Children between 2 – 15 years pay the child rate. Children 16 years plus are charged the adult rate. Valid Passports Essential.


Overland Tours : For overland tours returning to Underberg, vehicles can be parked overnight securely at the hotel where guests have stayed, or alternatively we can keep the car at our premises where we keep the Sani Pass Tours Fleet. We do recommend guests stay the night before in Underberg and we collect free of charge if the hotel is within 5km radius of Underberg town, or on route to the start of the Sani Pass. Further distances will be charged as per our pick up rates.


Cancellation Policy : 50% of total tour fee is levied if 14 days prior to tour date and 100% of tour fee is levied if 13 days or less prior to tour date.


Valid passports are essential for all tours into Lesotho.


Visa Requirements: it is the responsibility of the Tour Operator/DMC to ensure correct Visas are organised for the guest joining the tour. Lesotho Embassy keep the most up to date Visa list – please check with us or the Embassy.