Vida Nova Kruger

Nature on your doorstep

Vida Nova Kruger overlooks Kruger National Park’s Crocodile River. After a day spent encountering Africa’s renowned animals, our guests will enjoy an evening Braai (the South African art of grilling meat and vegetables over an open fire) on our viewing deck, watching wildlife approach the river, while lions roar in the distance. In the yard below, warthogs, giraffes and other wildlife are often spotted grazing.

Vida Nova Kruger is a private guest house that boasts eight bedrooms, one of which is a loft, ideal for families travelling with children. Our team includes a professionally trained park ranger, responsible for overseeing your interactive experiences, while our skilled chef and other staff ensure your every comfort is catered for.

We provide game drives with open-air seating, or fully climate-controlled, enclosed vehicles, specially modified to allow roofs to be raised for easy 360-degree viewing.