Sani Pass Tours

The untamed magic
of Africa awaits

Sani Pass Tours offers the ultimate 4×4 adventures. Our guests experience the breathtaking beauty of Sani Pass, on a journey of hairpin bends and turns, through scenic green valleys, into Lesotho. As the most established tour operator, Sani Pass Tours offers a variety of Lesotho tours, with the day trip up the thrilling winding route of Sani Pass being the most popular.

Our 4×4 vehicles provide guests with an exhilarating adventure in the utmost comfort. Relish an opportunity to be immersed in authentic Basotho culture, breaking bread with the locals and gain a bucket-list checkmark at the highest pub in Africa. Experience remote parts of Africa that are steeped in history, with archaeological wonders such as the ancient parietal art found in Liphofung Nature Reserve, and impressive dinosaur footprints alongside the Subeng River. The beautiful scenery discovered throughout each of our tours will leave you wonderstruck.