Elfin Cove Resort

An Extraordinary
Alaskan Fishing Adventure

Elfin Cove Resort has five boats outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for deepwater salmon trolling, bottom fishing for sea bass and other species, or catching the giant pacific halibut, which can weigh up to 165 kilograms (400 pounds). ELFIN COVE RESORT also prides itself in providing our guests excellence in dining, with hot breakfasts before you leave for your day’s adventure, self-packed cold fare for lunch, and a well-crafted dining experience to conclude each day.

Elfin Cove Resort operates a larger vessel for use in sightseeing excursions into Glacier Bay and elsewhere, and for observing whales (Pacific humpback whales and California grey whales are most common), orca, seals, and sea otters. Other animals that guests may have the opportunity to encounter are river otters, bald eagles, and other unique birds, brown bear, moose, Sitka deer, and many other wildlife that are abundant in this environment.

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