Rich in history,
culture, and nature

The word Zulu translates to “Sky” and although the origins of the name are not known, it is our belief that the region’s stunning skyscapes awed the people of the time. Zululand is the heart of the Zulu kingdom and Mkuze Falls lies in the North, off Zululand Heritage Route 66. Take the journey once traversed by missionaries, soldiers, settlers, and farmers, as one of the oldest trade routes in the region.

Zululand has a proud history, a reigning Zulu monarchy, and the cultural traditions, folklore, singing, and dancing are ubiquitous. The Zulu term “umndeni” means family, but includes everyone in your home, not just relatives. This is the impression you get while visiting this beautiful land, a welcoming, inclusive home. This magical African pearl also showcases magnificent landscapes, spectacular mountainscapes, exhilarating wildlife, and abundant, unique flora. Animal, bird, and botany enthusiasts will be in their element with the diversity of life around this part of the world.


Where to stay

Your senses come alive at our magnificent game lodge in beautiful Zululand. Listen to the roar of lions, the honking of hippos, and the plethora of bird calls. Relish the invigorating scents from the African bush and Acacia. Feast your eyes on the Big Five, game-rich plains, and sensational sunscapes. Feel the refreshing misty mornings and reviving African sunshine as it hits your skin, and adept hands massaging weary muscles at our private spa. And taste the delicious, freshly prepared boerekos, delivered by our talented chefs at mealtimes.
Zululand, South Africa

Mkuze Falls Game Lodge

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