Let your mind soar
over the Drakensberg

Sani Pass is a legendary stretch of rugged mountain roads of the Kwa-Sani district and Lesotho. We offer guests a fascinating glimpse into the treacherous route for the wool traders of yesteryear, who travelled the pass on mules. All from the comfort of our adept 4×4 vehicles, a vital means of transport on these rustic roads.

The meandering routes begin from the cattle farming town of Underberg, providing spectacular views of the colourful flora and igneous rock along the way. Each of the tours traverse the Eastern Highlands of Lesotho and offer a stop off at the Highest Pub in Africa, a whopping 2,874 metres above sea level. Touring Mokhotlong, with its abundant montane birdlife, the notorious Roof of Africa, and Sani Pass itself, will render our intrepid guests will lifelong memories of an epic adventure.


Sani Pass Tours

Sani Pass Tours offers the ultimate 4×4 adventures. Our guests experience the breathtaking beauty of Sani Pass, on a journey of hairpin bends and turns, through scenic green valleys, into Lesotho. As the most established tour operator, Sani Pass Tours offers a variety of Lesotho tours, with the day trip up the thrilling winding route of Sani Pass being the most popular.

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