Elfin Cove

Immerse in
Mother Nature’s Showcase

During the 20-hour summer daylight, you can expect to see more bald eagles than you can count, along with brown bears, sea otters, Sitka deer, and moose. California grey whales, humpback whales, and orca spend the summer feeding in these waters. The ELFIN COVE RESORT offers excursions into Glacier Bay National Park for a far more intimate experience of these natural beauties, than offered by the enormous cruise ships that ply these waters.

Where to stay

Elfin Cove is ideally situated at the northern entrance to the inside passage of the Alaskan panhandle, 120 kilometres west of Juneau. Anglers can anticipate a fishing adventure, rich with salmon, halibut, sea bass, and other gamefish, within a 30-minute cruise from our dock.


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Elfin Cove, Alaska

Elfin Cove Resort