Travelling turtles

Fryda is bestowed upon guests who visit our properties.

She is an endangered green turtle and a mascot for our NPO, Fire Island Conservation.

Green turtles face many threats. They are often caught in fishing trawler nets, are targeted by subsistence fishers for their eggs and meat, and are ingesting plastic. Habitat loss is a serious issue, as turtle nesting and feeding sites around the world are affected by coastal development.

Our private island, Ilha do Fogo, is a popular nesting site for both green and hawksbill turtles, and we have established it is a safe haven for these animals.

We would like you to take Fryda with you on your travels and post photographs on your social media of her along the way. We want to build advocacy for this beautiful, imperilled species.

Building a legacy
one traveller a time

Fire Island Eco Retreats manages the non-profit, Fire Island Conservation, a crusade that started with a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. Several years ago Ilha do Fogo, translated as “island of fire”, was bought, with a dream to build a 5-star resort. Upon visiting the island, the team discovered that it was ravaged by poachers and sadly, the endangered hawksbill and green turtles were the main victims of the poaching. The dream of a resort was quickly replaced by the need to protect these imperilled species, and thus, Fire Island Conservation was born.

" Fire Island Conservation spearheads several projects and through each of these, there is a goal of empowering local communities, while protecting the environment. "
Our mission
We focus on the community’s needs for sustenance, without compromising the environment or adding to the current issues faced by our aquatic life. Our initiatives offer alternative income and protein sources to poached marine animals, since the removal of vulnerable wildlife is a widespread problem along the coastlines. Through our endeavors, we also educate those involved on the essential balance of life and the concept of sustainability.

Our destinations

Each of our destinations is situated in a protected area. These sanctuaries are vital for protecting our natural resources and the biodiversity of fauna and flora. By visiting such places, you contribute to their success. And with the many projects we operate through Fire Island Conservation, you’ll offset your carbon footprint produced during the journey. We continue to strive toward our dream of living sustainably and in harmony with nature.
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Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

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Loggerhead Beach Villa

Marloth Park, South Africa

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The Monarch

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